Mission Statement

Lexie Sells Lowcountry’s mission is to help buyers and sellers achieve their goals with confidence by providing a combination of industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology, creative marketing, and some good old southern hospitality. The end result is getting buyers and sellers to the closing table feeling happy. We leave a lasting impression by treating clients like family, paying close attention to all the details to ensure a satisfying experience over all.

Why Do I do What I do?

In as few words as possible I do this because I love it. There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone else achieve their goals and make their dream a reality. Real estate to me is all about security. Whether you’re securing your first home and it’s the security of being your own landlord, you’re buying your third home and you’re securing your retirement, or you’re buying an investment property and you’re securing your future. Whatever your goal is, in some way real estate provides a sense of security. I’m a homeowner. Buying my first home was a process I would have never survived without my agent. That experience is really what got me in to real estate. Having the right agent is like using the right map when you’re going on a trip. You can’t get anywhere without the right map. By the time I had finished my home purchase I knew I needed to be involved in making homeownership happen for other people. So whether its helping you find the home for you or marketing your current home to other buyers I want to be involved. 

What can people expect from working with you? What is the real estate process?

Working with me you can expect to be treated like family. I make sure I look out for my clients best interests in every aspect of the transaction and being a local to the area for more than 20+ years I have a large referral network to service all my client’s needs. There are several steps to the buying/selling process and depending which route you are heading they break down a little like this…

Buying Process

  1. Contact an agent. Me ☺  You may or may not have already gotten pre-approved. If you have gotten pre-approved talk to me about your pre-approval. If you haven’t gotten preapproved I will recommend a few preferred lenders for you to choose from. BUT IT’S IMPORTANT YOU GET PRE-APPROVED BEFORE BEGINNING YOUR SEARCH.  (Hint- Now is the time to get familiar with your credit report and start getting together tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements etc. so they are easily accessible)
  2. Schedule a 30-45 min buyer’s consultation. During this time you’ll go over the types of services available to you as customer and a client, discuss buyer’s agency, and allow me to get to know you and the type of home you’re looking for better. (Hint – Be prepared to convey what is most important to you in a home and what is motivating your decision to purchase)
  3. Start Searching….Generally I will find 5-7 listings for you to look at online you will choose 3-4 that we will schedule to view in person and then we will make an offer on one. 
  4. Once we have found your home it is time to make the offer. This is the negotiation process. We will discuss price, terms, home inspection, and closing.  
  5. Offer accepted!! You need to follow up with your lender that we are under contract and get them any documents they need to continue processing your loan. You also need to schedule the home inspection.
  6. Home Inspection – Once we receive the report we can discuss the need for any repairs and negotiate a repair request with the seller if necessary.
  7. Appraisal – The lender will order your appraisal. An appraiser comes to the home to determine the fair market value of the home. This allows the bank to determine how much they are willing to lend you.
  8. Order Home Owners Insurance – You should get at least 2-3 quotes for your home owners insurance to compare rates.
  9. Clear to close/ Final walk-through – The bank has given the clear to close meaning they are prepared to close your loan. We will go do a final walk-through of the home to ensure any repairs requested have been completed and home is as it should be. 
  10. Closing – This is the day you will get your keys!! We made it through the process and you are officially a new homeowner.

Selling Process

  1. Contact an agent. Me ☺  We may or may not discuss a lot of information in this first contact but at the very least I need to know what the property address is for your listing. 
  2. Schedule a 1 hour listing appointment – During this time we will discuss the current market value of your home based on comparable properties, the reason you want to sell, what your desired selling price is, what if anything needs to be done to get your home ready for market, and what I will do as your listing agent to get your home sold. 
  3. Sign a listing agreement – Once you have decided to let me list your home. We will sign a listing agreement, fill out all the necessary paperwork to get your home on the market and discuss our marketing plan.
  4.  Get your home ready for the market – Make any necessary repairs that you are willing to make, get rid of any clutter and minimize personal items, and have your home cleaned.
  5. List and show your home – Your home will be actively listed, marketed and shown.
  6. Receive and Review offers.
  7. Accept an offer – Once you have accepted an offer the buyer will complete their due diligence (i.e. home inspection, appraisal etc.) and you will either further negotiate the deal or continue to move on towards closing.
  8. Closing!! Your home is sold. Congratulations.

Selling/Buying a business

When working with me in regards to business brokerage you can expect well versed industry information from a long time local. Having grown up in the lowcountry and being personally and professionally involved with a family business as well as a lot of the other local businesses through-out my hospitality career I have an intimate knowledge of the business industry in the lowcountry area. If you are buying a business I help you determine the business that is the best fit for you, assist in the discovery phase (i.e. financial soundness of the business, current customer base, growth projection etc.), connect you with lenders that will help with the purchase, and facilitate the negotiation and contracts process during the transaction. If you are selling a business I help you determine the best price to list your business for, identify all the documents that you will need to have together for buyers to look over, list and market your business, prequalify interested buyers and present offers to you as the seller. 

Home buyers Prequalification check list

  1. What is your monthly income?
    1. Have your last w-2 or filed tax return and your last 2 pay stubs available
  2. What is your household monthly debt? 
    1. Documents like recent credit card statements, loan statements, or student loan documents may be helpful figuring this out. 
  3. What are your household assets?
    1. Bank statements and other asset statements from previous months may be requested.
  4. What is your current credit score?
    1. You can determine this by ordering a free annual credit report
  5. Residential History
    1. Where have you lived for the past 2 years? Rent or own?
  6. What is your time frame?
    1. Are you looking to move right away or some time down the road? 
  7. What type of home are you trying to purchase?
    1. Single-family, mobile, manufactured, condo or townhome 
  8. Have your questions about mortgage options ready…
    1. Interests rates? Required down payment? Terms/length of the loan?

Getting ready to sell Checklist 

  1. Gauge your need to sell…
    1. Define your goal of selling
    2. Weigh the pros and cons of selling your house 
    3. Determine your home equity
    4. Identify areas of your home that need repair
  2. Calculate your selling expenses
    1. List the repairs and projects that need to be accomplished to get your home in selling condition
    2. Determine which projects you can afford and prioritize 
    3. Expect to pay between 6 and 10 percent of the home’s final sale price in closing costs to include agents commission, transfer fees, and prorated property taxes. (also consider mortgage payoff penalties, capital gains tax, staging expenses, and moving expenses if any of these apply)
  3. Plan your selling strategy
    1. Determine how quickly you need to sell your home and how much money you need to make from the sale 
    2. Interview real estate agents to list your home
    3. Plan what time of year is best to list your home
    4. Determine your homes strengths and unique features that will make your listing stand out
  4. Hire an Agent
  5. Prepare your home for market 
    1.  Have a yard sale. Sell, donate, or trash anything you don’t need or have been planning on getting rid of.
    2. Make necessary repairs
    3. Make improvements to increase your curb appeal. (i.e. sprucing up the yard)
    4. Replace lightbulbs and any outdated fixtures
    5. Declutter, depersonalize and decorate each room so it’s easier for buyers to imagine themselves in the home 
    6. Paint interior rooms neutral color
  6. List and Market your home 

Ready to get started?